Las Vegas, Nevada Apr 17, 2024 ( - In the wake of the recent disclosure of a critical vulnerability (CVE-2024-3400) affecting a leading firewall solution, Xiid Corporation reminds organizations that Xiid SealedTunnel customers remain secure. This latest vulnerability, currently unpatched and rated 10/10 on the CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System), highlights the limitations of traditional security approaches.

Xiid SealedTunnel, the world's first and only Zero Knowledge Networking (ZKN) solution, goes beyond Zero Trust architecture. Unlike today's firewalls susceptible to zero-day exploits because of their break-and-inspect approach and the inevitable use of "smart" detection techniques that can and do fail, SealedTunnel is inherently resilient by design.

This is a great example of why complex firewalls become their own security risk. Keep your firewalls simple, and just have them block all inbound access, said Josh Herr, Head of Deployment and Integration at Xiid Corp. Xiid SealedTunnel takes a fundamentally different approach. Our ZKN architecture ensures that data remains completely private and never exposed, even in the face of unknown threats.

Xiids ZKN technology leverages the power of Zero Knowledge Proofs, allowing users to verify access rights without ever revealing sensitive information. This eliminates attack surfaces and renders data unreadable to unauthorized parties, even if a network breach occurs.

About Xiid Corporation

Xiid Corporation is a leading cybersecurity provider specializing in Zero Knowledge Networking solutions. Xiids flagship product, SealedTunnel, empowers organizations to achieve unparalleled security and privacy through a revolutionary approach that goes beyond traditional firewalls and zero-trust models.

Source :Xiid Corporation

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