Max Cinnamon Impresses His Fans With an Electrifying New EP ‘Max Cinnamon Vol1’

Max Cinnamon

London, England Jun 19, 2024 ( - In today's world of music, it is very hard to present something new and unique in the genre of pop and rock music. It takes real talent, and versatility for an artist to go beyond and experiment with new things. One thing that Max Cinnamon does is experiment with his talent and creativity, leading to the release of his most anticipated EP. He has shown his caliber and god-gifted aptitude in the newest EP, Max Cinnamon Vol1. The musical release is currently streaming on Spotify among all other streaming services, helping the artist gain more audience for his records. Expanding his reach with every other release, the artist is one of the most aspiring talents the global music industry currently has.

Max Cinnamon Vol1 has a total of four tracks, each of them uniquely composed, presenting different yet equally beautiful essences to the listeners. Max has not just given his voice for every track on the record, but sat down with the writers to present some of the most beautiful storytelling audiences can ever get. The first track, 'Thunder Cloud' was written by Jonathan Bluth, Max Zachariah Cinnamon, and The Real Jon Smith and produced and performed both by the artist himself. 'City On Fire', and 'Classical Ending', both had Max Zachariah Cinnamon on the writing credits showcasing his depth and creativity as not just a singer, but also a storyteller. 'I Got The Worst', the best performing single on the EP is also written, produced, and performed by the artist himself, proving the heights of his talent and creativity as an artist.

Max Cinnamon has always been an exceptional musician, experimenting with new styles, flourishing his songwriting abilities, and perfecting his talent as a record producer. Music has always been his first true love since childhood, which made him pick up a violin at just the age of 4 years. It was his sister's singing lessons that helped his family find another shining star in the family and he has not looked back ever since. The artist knew music was much more than just a mere passion when at 14 years old he had to stay home and started writing songs. Since then he practiced to make his art perfect and joined several competitions to live the life of a performer. One of his accomplished songwriting works is 'Tick Tock' which was chosen to present Croatia at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. This later became the no 1 hit in the country itself. He has also contributed to the composition, production, and backing vocals on 'Una Voce per San Marino', the representative of San Marino at the Eurovision 2022. His last single was 'Ailleurs', becoming a viral hit on Spotify. The artist has brought his best game with this EP, so listen to it now on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Follow him on Facebook, X, Instagram, and his website for more updates.

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Max Cinnamon Vol1

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