Dream2Career Launches HIF Logic - The "Six-Sigma" of Talent Development

HIF Workforce Factions

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania May 17, 2024 (Issuewire.com) - Dream2Career, LLC seeks ESG-minded Pennsylvania businesses who want to reimagine workforce development so the system works for everyone. We have a pilot program called Operation Dream Landing (ODL) that deploys our integrated HIF Logic framework (Six-Sigma of Talent Development) and our Micro-Drip Learning system which allows employees to consume a healthy, 15-minute daily diet of shared, gamified, cost-effective information that makes employees feel valued by their employers, so they want to work hard and succeed. This program energizes and retains workers who positively impact the bottom line. Operation Dream Landing will provide a learning community for local businesses to collaboratively solve the work-learn problem by elevating worker knowledge about people, processes, protection, and performance. Businesses who participate in this ESG initiative will play a vital role in rebuilding the workforce pipeline, so it attracts, vendors, suppliers, customers, and workers to conduct business in PA.

Operation Dream Landing Program

Operation Dream Landing provides a gamified, predictable, general education solution that ups the bar on the quality of employees, and it creates a predictable communication mechanism between the workforce and education. The process creates a common language, and it simplifies what is a complex and disjointed educational process for workers/learners and employers. 

The Framework  

Dream2Career is launching HIF Logic ("Six-Sigma" of Workforce Development). HIF Logic offers a standardized workforce infrastructure that improves business productivity and decreases costs by increasing worker access to education and its initiatives. HIF stands for the Horizontal Industry Framework, and it is made up of six factions, Maven, Specialist, Visionary, Naturalist, Processor, and Protector, and these areas encompass all job functions, in varying degrees, and make up the work-learn experience. These areas are developed and evolve over time to enhance worker abilities and generate interest in personal and professional growth, consequently, making employees more valuable and connected through shared, faction-based learning experiences in the working environment. Providing educational opportunities using HIF Logic, improves employee motivation, minimizes variation, minimizes training time, increases quality, and improves efficiency.

The Process - 

Predictable Gamified Learning - Our Micro-Drip Learning platform uses HIF Logic to provide content in a predictable, gamified way; providing shared learning experiences and confidence-building mechanisms, so employees collaborate and see hope for a better tomorrow. All 250 micro courses were created by SMEs and are used by over 70K businesses. The courses increase baseline knowledge of things like cybersecurity and AI, and workforce must-haves like root cause analysis, process improvement techniques, safety, and work ethic. In addition to happier workers, this solution helps to cut costs and create efficiencies for the entire workforce. The platform design makes it so the worker doesn't feel tested, however, the data available pertaining to micro-course completion may be helpful in identifying high-performing employees. In addition, the learning milestones and other data can be integrated into employee rewards and benefits programs which will go even farther to motivate employee success. ODL can be used with current employees however, some employers are using Micro-Drip Learning with new employees as part of the onboarding process. ODL could also support employment efforts to employ recovery, reentry, immigration, and disadvantaged workers.

Predictable HIF Communications- Just like the holidays give businesses collective opportunities to celebrate and promote products and services, Dream2Career uses the same methodology to celebrate work-learn projects including what is happening in the local workforce and local learning provider spaces. Using Dream2Career's HIF LOGIC media schedule, communities can collectively share work-learn programs, events, and experiences with all constituents, not just those whom social media deems worthy.

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Dr. Kathleen Houlihan, CEO and Founder of Dream2Career and creator of HIF Logic, believes that using Micro-Drip Learning, with the HIF Media schedule, effectively solves the work-learn problem by creating a common work-learn language helps to standardize and improve motivations and interest in performing meaningful work. Operation Dream Landing is the ed-tech solution that reimagines talent development in a way that works for everyone. 

The ODL helps business communities to "build" motivated workers who show up ready to learn, work, and grow. 

If you belong to a PA workforce development community, you're a learning provider, or you have employees, and you'd like to participate, book a meeting. If you are outside of PA and have the ability to organize businesses locally, contact 570.779.9359.  

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