Ex-Freshii Executive launches a concept, Crazy Carrot, that is perfect for every neighbourhood.

Anurag Sood

Toronto, Ontario Jun 18, 2024 (Issuewire.com) - The story of Crazy Carrot stems from a man with a passion for delicious food - Anurag Sood. The Crazy Carrot Brand is an expression of Anurags passion for serving his customers the very BEST. Its affordable, gourmet, delicious, and fast, and it has happy satisfied customers Bingo!!!

Anurag started his test kitchen in 2019 in the Guelph downtown area. It was meant to be a test version to serve the high-traffic areas and business districts of Canada and the US. However, just after 6 months of flourishing in downtown Guelph, the most unexpected thing happened, the 2020 pandemic. No one knew what had to be done in these situations. The focus shifted from building profitability to remaining sustainable, thinking of new ways to drive customers to the store, pay staff salaries, pay rent, bank mortgages, and so on. For two years, Anurag worked tirelessly, from 9 am to 10 pm on his feet, doing the prep, opening the store, serving the customers, closing, not a single day off for the 750 days.

From 2020 to 2022, during the peak of the pandemic, Crazy Carrot evolved to expand its menu that catered to the entire family. During this time, Crazy Carrot also developed its online ordering platform to give its customers the convenience of pick-up and delivery at in-store prices. By remaining flexible and strategic, Crazy Carrot has continued to grow in size and popularity.

One would have to visit Crazy Carrot to see how each dressing and each seasoning is prepared from scratch. Fresh vegetables are prepped on-site, and meats are grilled in-house, giving customers the freshest food in the fastest setting. The focus remains on setting the operations in a manner that calculates the prep times and cooked food par levels, to taking the order and preparing the meal, so the customer experience is not compromised, be it the quality of food or the wait times, encouraging customers to come back time and again. Its a dream of every restaurant to achieve the shortest throughputs. Ask Chipotles and McDonalds operations leaders, how many years it takes to achieve optimal throughputs on a consistent basis and continues to be an ongoing process.

As of 2024, Crazy Carrot is now fully equipped to multiply with corporate stores, as well as expand into franchises with best class menu, service, operational procedures, and digital management tools integrated into the model.

Plans for Expansion

When you experience the tantalizing quality of Crazy Carrot food and crave these nutritious meals every day, you wonder why this concept should only be limited to Guelph and why not have one Crazy Carrot in every neighbourhood, so every household, family, and individual can have the yumilicious Crazy Carrot experience. 

Crazy Carrot guests never get bored of the endless fresh food combinations that accommodate everyone from vegans to meat lovers. Recorded data shows that guests who try Crazy Carrot food, consistently return and spread the word to their friends and family. The whole customer experience is what sets them apart from the rest. 

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While working on this model Anurag was painstakingly selective about the menu, taste, food SKUs, cooking methods, equipment, vendors, and technology so that scalability could be achieved, while remaining profitable, ensuring every Crazy Carrot franchise sees profitability build up from day one. Building sales through multiple revenue streams, in-store, online, catering, operations optimized for speed of service, minimal to zero wastage, sustainable packaging, and labor cost management. Everything that Anurag put in the Guelph store is equipped to scale and support a network of 100 plus future stores in the next 5 years.

He also did something very interesting that no other Franchisor has done before, that is offer a Tiered Royalty fee structure, that is franchises only pay the full royalty percentage when they cross $1.5 million in sales. He promises vendor pricing and vendor discounts for bulk purchases will be passed on to the franchises, so its the bottom line of the franchises that fattens up. Crazy Carrot is going to go all over the world. One can enjoy Crazy Carrot meals and combos in a sit-in restaurant, or as a takeout Anurag continues Its the NEW comfort food for the healthy futuristic generations.

Crazy Carrot ticks all the boxes for a brand that's set for growth

  • Food that will be loved and valued by everyone
  • Operations set to turn high traffic and high sales
  • High ticket price per customer
  • Perfect catering options for corporate and family events
  • Low investment
  • High profitability margins
  • Easy to open and operate
  • Excellent training and ongoing support
  • Tried and tested marketing campaigns 
  • Discount food campaigns designed to benefit the franchise and not the franchisor
  • Careful selection process of Franchise partners
  • Building the brand from the ground up

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Anurags Background:

Anurag grew up in India, where he had an opportunity to learn from his father and uncles who owned and managed multiple businesses and investments. In his early twenties, he spent one year at the temple in India focusing on his spiritual development. This is where he learned the true meaning of serving humanity, respecting every being, compassion, and putting his utmost love into whatever he does.

In 2001, he together with his brother poured his passion into setting up a restaurant, Sanjha Chulha. In 2007 the resort, The Himalayan Village Resort, expounded the ethnic architecture and culture of the place. He moved to Canada in 2011, where he worked with Freshii for 7 years. He loved the challenges that were offered to him at Freshii for streamlining the operations and growing the sales of each store that was under his management. On seeing every store under him turning profitable, he was assigned all the stores in the Greater Toronto Area and then to manage the worldwide launches and operations of Freshii's 300-plus stores as they expanded. He trained 20 district managers, each managing a territory for supporting operations and sales growth of 15-20 stores. At the time he joined Freshii, they had about 25 stores and by the time he left after 7 years, he was managing the worldwide operations for all of Freshiis 300 plus stores,  thereby becoming an integral part of Freshiis growth from the start. He does not disclose the reason for his departure which happened just before their IPO, but questions arise if the current deplorable state of Freshii would have been different had he stayed.

Anurag has put his 25 years of experience to build Crazy Carrot for his customers and for his franchise partners. 

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