Children of Plains Estates Become Change Agents

Louisville, Kentucky May 13, 2024 ( - The talented and empathetic author Claudette Milner has released her latest work, 'Children of Plains Estates: Become Change Agents V8'. This is the eighth volume of the 'Children of Plains Estates' series which heavily focuses on united youth and mental health. The recent volume was released in March 2024 and the original series was first released in 2004. The new book's plot occurs in the fictional subdivision, Plains Estates. The author has beautifully reflected her story which captivates the readers instantly. Starting from the story, and character development, to the writing style, Claudette has showcased her amazing skills that make this even more interesting to read.

The story centers on four families of diverse racial and socioeconomic status and its focus is the struggles and battles that challenge their lives. The author has portrayed and sent the message regarding such complex subjects as mental health in a commendable way. In volumes 1-4, the characters are faced with issues of alcoholism, pedophilia, racism, domestic violence, and bullying. It was while facing these challenges, that the characters built camaraderie and friendships. Then as the series progresses, the discussion expands to immigration, a pathway to citizenship, mass shootings, the rise of hate crimes, affirmative action, and mental health. The author seeks to unite the youth with her latest book. For more details, visit

Children of Plains Estates Battle Hate on All Fronts

Source :Claudette Milner

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